Hello Sun Acupuncture Patients!

As you know, at Sun Acupuncture we have always gone above and beyond to provide outstanding acupuncture and shiatsu massage services for you and your loved ones. We enjoy sharing our expertise with you and nothing makes us happier than seeing a satisfied smile on your face when you’re done receiving a treatment. This is why we continue to work so diligently to be the best in our field and why we entered the healing arts to begin with.

New Therapies

We are very excited to offer you some new services in 2016!  Pam will be adding Raindrop Therapy and a Healthy Ear Therapy to her already list of fabulous treatments! Look for details to be released very soon!


We will continue offering Tai Chi, Qigong, and Yoga classes in 2016 and will be expanding our classes as well. Watch for all the exciting opportunities we have coming in the New Year!

As of January 1st, 2016 we are raising the rates for some of our clinical services.

The 2016 changes will affect the following prices:

•  Initial acupuncture consultations:  $105.00

•  Returning follow-up acupuncture visits: $85.00

•  Combination treatment initial visit: $130.00

•  Combination treatment returning visit: $110.00

•  Cupping therapy: $45.00.


Thank you so much!

Brian and Pam Grosam

Sun Acupuncture

10912 Greenbrier Road

Minnetonka, MN 55305