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5 Reasons forAcupuncture

1.) Heal Injuries Quickly
Acupuncture stimulates the body to heal quickly and to speed up recovery. People who receive acupuncture during injury recovery tend to heal faster, more optimally, and without longstanding issues.
Acupuncture addresses injuries by reducing swelling and inflammation, by promotingoptimal blood-flow to the injured tissue so it can repair, and by lessening pain.
Read more about how acupuncture can help sports injuries!
2.) Health Maintenance
Much like an oil change for your car, you need to routinely take care of your body above and beyond eating well, exercising, mindfulness and good sleep habits.
Your body will appreciate having maintenance acupuncture treatments. You may want to think about having an acupuncture treatment every 4-8 weeks for balance and energy.
Here is a great research article on the patient-provider relationship and how important this is for health promotion!
3.) Pain Relief
The pain medication epidemic is all over the news lately. New research is showingacupuncture to be better at relieving pain than opiods. The American Medical Association is also recommending acupuncture as a viable treatment for chronic pain.
Pain doesn’t always go away on its own. Acupunctureis a great therapy to help you with alleviating pain for good.
This article shows that acupuncture is now one of your best options for pain relief!
4.) Defense Against Colds & Flu Bugs
We all live in a sea of viruses, bacteria, molds, and other nasty things. Our immune system is always working and always fighting.
We don’t have to be afraid. We just need to have a healthy immune system. And when we do fall ill, we just need to get healthy again.
Acupuncture stimulates our immune system to protect us and to defeat colds & flu bugs. People who receive […]

A Map to your Qi

Here is an exciting map to the flow of qi in the body, the types of qi in the body, and how all types of qi interact in the body.

Pre-Heaven Qi: (Congenital Qi or Pre-Natal Qi) 先天气

Yuan Qi

Post-Heaven Qi: (Acquired Qi or Post-Natal Qi) 后天气

The formation of both the Gu Qi (Spleen and Stomach) and Qing Qi (Lung)

Gu Qi: (Water and Grain Qi) 谷气

The Food and Drink taken in by the Spleen and Stomach

Refined into Qing Qi and sent to the chest (Sea of Qi) to form the Zong Qi

Qing Qi or Da Qi: (Air Qi) 大气

The Air taken in by the Lung

Refined and sent to the chest (Sea of Qi) to form the Zong Qi

Yuan Qi: (Source Qi or Original Qi) 原气

Stored in the Kidneys

Material and functional basis of the life activities in the body

Both Yin and Yang Functions

Spread throughout the body via the San Jiao

Qing Qi: (Clear Qi) 清气

Light and clear refined Qi from the Gu Qi of the Spleen and Stomach

Sent to the chest (Sea of Qi) to form the Zong Qi

Zong Qi: (Ancestral Qi or Gathering Qi) 宗气

Converges in the Chest (Sea of Qi)

Formed by the union of the Gu Qi from the Spleen and Qing Qi from the Lungs

Governs the breath of the Lungs and the pulsation of the heart

Circulates the movement of Ying Qi and Wei Qi

Ying Qi: (Nutritive Qi or Construction Qi) 营气

Formed by the Qing Qi from the Spleen and Stomach

Contributes to the formation of Blood

Retained within the walls of the channels

Flows through the complete Channel System nourishing the tissues of the body

Wei Qi: (Defensive or […]

We Help Couples Have Babies

Fertility Treatments at Sun Acupuncture 
We’ve helped dozens of couples with their fertility needs over the past 6 years here at Sun Acupuncture. Whether it’s starting a family or adding to the family, acupuncture is a great choice to get you there!
We can treat many common issues causing infertility such as: Irregular periods, miscarriages, male factor issues, pcos, low ovarian reserve, amenorrhea, etc.
Many of these common issues can be remedied quite easily with acupuncture and Chinese medicine to allow for natural pregnancy. Enjoy this amazing tutorial video on how fertility acupuncture works!
We also work in conjunction with ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) specialists . If your fertility goals involve ART, we can work alongside your reproductive endocrinologist to help increase your fertility percentage chances. Here is a link to many of the local ART clinics.
We treat both female and male fertility issues, after all, it takes two to make a baby! And as much as 40% of all fertility issues are problems due to the male side of it.  Treating both parties can bring the couple closer together and make for an enjoyable journey to pregnancy.
Dr. Brian Grosam is extensively trained in gynecology and is a fellow of ABORM (American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine), a group comprising of the top acupuncture and Chinese medicine specialists from around the globe working in the field of fertility.
We will work with you during every step of your fertility journey, including providing you and your partner helpful steps in areas of understanding your hormone levels & blood panels, diet & nutrition, prenatal vitamins, stress reduction, lifestyle & habit modifications, and work & rest management.
If you know close friends, family members, or work colleagues that are trying to have a baby, please pass on our contact information and have them set up a free fertility consultation […]

Assisted Reproductive Therapy Fertility Centers in Minnesota

Finding the right fertility specialist can be difficult. It may be just a matter of finding the person with the right chemistry for you. Here is a list of the ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) clinics in the Twin Cities in no particular order:
• Center for Reproductive Medicine & Advanced Reproductive technologies
• Reproductive Medicine & Infertility Associates
• Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine
• The Midwest Center for Reproductive Health
• OGI (OB•Gyn & Infertility)
• International Assisted Reproductive Center
• OBGYN West
And if you are looking for an alternative to the high cost of ART, you may want to contact Dr. Paul Magarelli in Colorado who offers the same treatments but at an more affordable cost: High Quality Affordable Fertility Centers

Free Menopausal Transition Talk

Here is a LINK to a free one-hour talk I gave on It brings you to the ProD Seminars website where I have a 5-hour talk for purchase, which is more for acupuncturists and practitioners of Chinese Medicine. You have to scroll down the page just a bit. So, if you like to hear me talk and want to know more of what’s going on in my mind when treating menopausal transition patients, here is your chance. Enjoy!

Adapting for the treatment of Complicated Patients

Adapting for the treatment of Complicated Patients
To be successful in the clinic, you may want to consider becoming fluent in several treatment modalities. When one type of treatment does not work, move on and try another one. Here is an experience I recently had.
During an ordinarily stressful workweek, a patient called to schedule an emergency acupuncture treatment on my day off. On her voice message she talked about having excruciating pain for several weeks and she could not take it anymore. She sounded as if she was going to do something drastic. I made a special trip in to see this woman. All of my tools were ready and I mentally reviewed possible causes for different types of pain.
A 62 year-old woman hunched over and shuffling her feet came through the clinic door. No eye contact was made from her, only through her exhausted looking husband’s eyes could I get a feel for the pain she suffered. An extensively long intake of her history revealed a three week-long headache, chronic and untouchable body pain, nausea, three days of insomnia, extreme fatigue and a psychological/emotional history spanning close to five decades. All these symptoms were of course accompanied by a handful of prescription drugs, electric shock therapy and several stays in the psych ward.
It was unpleasant to watch her whimper with pain while she eased onto the treatment table. Her body twitched and her legs kicked following insertion of the first needle. After two more needles her anxiety escalated dramatically, so I removed the needles for her safety and my piece of mind. I still needed to relieve her pain, so I started lightly administering tuina. This turned out to be the wrong plan because […]

The 5 Pillars To Building a Strong, Healthy, and Functional Immune System

Cold and flu season is around the corner, or is it already here? Kids are now back in school and the weather is getting cooler outside. Germs are getting ready to pounce! Now is the perfect time to prepare and strengthen your body so it can fend off those nasty viruses!
How can we build a healthy and strong immune system?
Many believe the flu shot will protect them and rely on over-the-counter drugs and supplements to get them through the cold and flu season, but in reality, maintaining a healthy immune system is quite easy and more beneficial for your overall health in the long run.
To build a healthy immune system and a body strong enough to fend off those nasty cold and flu viruses, start with looking to balance the five pillars of Chinese medicine.
1. Maintain a healthy diet and functional digestion.
Eating well-balanced, nutritious meals and staying hydrated. A strong immune system needs this as its foundation. When our digestion works efficiently, it reaps the beneficial nutrients from the food, and transforms it into healthy qi to protect the body. Remember, quality vitamins and supplements are beneficial to help fill in the nutritional gaps. Acupuncture helps stimulate a weakened digestion to perform and work at its optimal state.
2. Keep Active. Move and exercise.
Keeping active means walking, enjoying outdoor hobbies (such as biking, skiing, tennis), and doing fun things that make you happy! Keeping active promotes continuous blood circulation and that keeps the immune system on high alert. Fatigue is a symptom of qi deficiency and acupuncture, herbs, qi gong exercise, etc. can change sluggishness into energy!
3. Balance your amount of work and leisure.
Work, success, achievement, and doing a good job are commendable, but we […]

Treating Pain with Acupuncture

5 links to research supporting acupuncture as a viable and often better solution to treating pain!
1. Evidence-Based Evaluation of Complementary Health Approaches for Pain Management in the United States
2. Opioid Solution 2016

3. Acupuncture vs intravenous morphine in the management of acute pain in the ED
4. Acupuncture at or Near the Top of All Treatments for Low Back Pain According to Study Commissioned by U.S. Government – Part 1

Acupuncture at or Near the Top of All Treatments for Low Back Pain According to Study Commissioned by U.S. Government – Part 1

5. Acupuncture and other physical treatments for the relief of pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee: network meta-analysis


What You Need to Know About Treating Fibromyalgia with Acupuncture & Herbs

Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and some arthritic conditions are common problem for many people. Daily life and management of the pain can be difficult. To treat the pain, as practitioners and as patients, together we need work hard to get to the root of the problem. The true cause of fibromyalgia and chronic pain is often multifactoral and involves many components including, cardiovascular, digestive, neurologic, emotional, musculoskeletal, respiratory, and lymph system problems.
Successful treatment of fibromyalgia and chronic pain must address all of these issues and often utilize many modalities of treatment. Here at Sun Acupuncture we combine acupuncture, Asian bodywork, Chinese herbal formulas, topical liniments and patches, scraping and cupping techniques, along with, diet, exercise, lifestyle, and vitamin and supplement recommendations.
Our main goal is to work in conjunction with the patients to relieve the pain, improve the quality of life, and get the patients off the detrimental dependence of prescription painkillers and other long-term drug treatments.
Every individual person is different and will respond uniquely to treatments based on their particular lifestyle, diet, exercise, work, and sleep habits. Emotional, environmental and genetic factors will also play a role and are a necessary consideration.
People often ask me what is my success with treating fibromyalgia and chronic pain. I always use the “50% – 20% – 20% – 10%” Rule. This means that:

50%: Patients will naturally respond to treatments with full efficacy results.

20%: Patients will respond well, but slower and more gradually.

20%: Patients will need long-term care and will need to some significant lifestyle changes.                                                                                                          

10%: Patients will not respond.

Ultimately, a formula will not tell us if who will get relief and who will not, it really comes down to a case-by-case basis. If you […]