Twin Cities Live Sun Acupuncture Interview

Here is a link to our Twin Cities Live interview in 2011.

When the Twin Cities Live webpage opens up, scroll down until you see Sun Acupuncture and click on the video camera link next to it. That will bring up the video. Just click play. (Sorry, but the text article is no longer available on the TCL website)


Acupuncture Care in Minnetonka and Hopkins: Don’t be misled by advertising. Be informed about the practitioner’s training and the treatments you are purchasing!

Dr. Brian Grosam
It is legal under Minnesota acupuncture statutes that western medical professionals may practice acupuncture when they meet the specified training criteria. However, just because they’ve met the criteria and utilize acupuncture as a treatment modality, does not mean they are necessarily well trained in acupuncture procedures. They are not acupuncturists.

So why is it then when you search the internet for “acupuncture services or acupuncturists” in your area does it bring up countless health and wellness, preventative and alternative medical clinics? It is quite simple, money. These clinics are using selective advertising and marketing techniques that exploit acupuncture to broaden their scope of practice, to widen their consumer reach, and to capture as many patients as possible. Thus, by soliciting acupuncture services, these clinics are misrepresenting themselves to the public, and at the same time, stifling out the few local acupuncture clinics. Capitalism at its finest?

The growing trend we are unfortunately seeing in this economy is scope of practice expansion. This means more and more medical professionals are trying to “treat it all” in their one-stop treatment facilities by utilizing and practicing more and more treatment methods. The more patients that walk through the clinic door, the more money the clinic earns, plain and simple. That is why many health and wellness, preventative and alternative medical clinics advertise, market and sell supplements, orthopedic devices, dietary concoctions, as well as, marketing acupuncture and a vast array of other treatments. Whether or not the practitioner has the qualifications, experience, or scientific research to back them up, they continue to sell the public on as many treatments as possible and as many other “add-on treatments and products” to make as much money as possible from your […]

Treating Injuries with Acupuncture

As an acupuncture professional, I am almost overwhelmed by the number of reference books, continuing education classes, scientific journals, blogs, and even “semi-professional” chat groups which teach, advise, verify and discuss the relative effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of injuries. I am astonished by the vast assortment of approaches, thoughts and ideas in this area, as well as the different methods and treatment possibilities. There are also numerous opposing and complementary treatment options available to treat injuries, including chiropractic care, physical therapy, sports massage, surgery, injections, etc. Although I do not claim that there is one single best way to treat injuries, I have found that acupuncture is frequently the most appropriate choice of treatment for many types of injuries. Acupuncture is cost-effective, efficient treatment, with a very high curative rate.

There are many reasons why acupuncture is so effective. Trained practitioners, following established TCM treatment theories, can achieve results that are more effective, on more levels, than any other modality. Patients ask me why this is so, and I explain to them the following basic principles.

First, acupuncture stimulates the nervous system. By simply inserting a needle through the skin, the needle triggers the skin nerve receptors, which send a signal back to the brain. This is important for treating injuries because the brain will then acknowledge that the area needs mending, and send signals back to the injured area to stimulate the healing process. How fantastic: acupuncture actually stimulates the nervous system to tell the body to heal itself! As the needle penetrates past the skin level, it has a further effect on the nervous system. It activates local nerve trunks, which communicate with the entire nervous system. The central and autonomic nervous […]

Beat the Holiday Stress Here in Minnetonka and Hopkins With Acupuncture

Everyone can use a little help reducing stress around the holidays, we are all under a lot of pressure this time of year.

Most of us have very busy schedules this time of year. The days and weeks will definitely pass in a flash! Our lives will be filled with joyous gatherings of friends and family, lots of shopping, preparing delicious meals and desserts, attending holiday events, and decorating and hanging lights. All the while thinking and trying to find a tiny bit of time to relax and enjoy a little slice of the season.

We find that many of our patients, not only love the wonderful health benefits from their acupuncture and shiatsu-tuina massage treatments, but they also really love coming to our clinic to bathe in the serene atmosphere and to chill out and relax with a much needed, stress relieving treatment. This is what we do best!

People who receive acupuncture treatments and shiatsu-tuina massage already know that it helps them with all of their health concerns. They also know the secret that it is totally relaxing! Once you are on the table and the needles inserted or the bodywork begins, the nerves chill out, the mind stops racing, the muscles relax, and your mind and spirit drift freely and effortlessly for the next 30-60 minutes. And let me tell you, it’s so beneficial for your well being and its completely worth taking the time to do for your self.

Here is a recent study from Georgetown University explaining how and why acupuncture helps in treating stress. In fact, as you read through the article, in paragraph 7-8, you will see them mention that acupuncture regulates the hypothalmus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. I will let you in on a […]