Dr. G’s 3 Easy Health Tips

Well, actually 2 easy tips and one that will take some effort!

I changed 3 simple life habits in 2017 and I feel so much stronger, healthier, and happier. Give them a try. You should notice a similar positive changes too.

 The First: Drink More Water!

Water promotes better circulation and provides better nutrition to your cells, a stronger immunity, balanced hormones, optimal digestion, and a stabilized nervous system.

I loved living off coffee, tea, and the occasional assorted flavored drinks. But guess what? I was hardly drinking any water.

One day I finally said: “Hey, why am I not drinking more water?” I recommend it to patients, so why not follow my own guidance!

I began drinking 1.5 – 2 liters of water per day and in no time I began noticing these changes: I was calm, collected and less anxious.

Make a sound goal to drink water throughout the day. It need not be tons of water but try to drink a glass every 1-2 hours.

Number Two: More Sleep!

I like to keep busy and have too many hobbies and projects.

I routinely stayed up late or woke early just to fit everything into the day. Despite a desire to enjoy my busy life, it slowly became a burden without joy. I was burnt out!

The funny thing, I enjoy sleeping. So as a treat to myself, I began adding a little more time on my sleep by going to bed a half hour earlier or sleeping in a little extra.

You know what? I feel so much better and really enjoying life.

My Not So Easy and Last Tip:

If you don’t like what you’re currently doing, change it! If you don’t have something to do, find one! Just start! One day, then another, and another, until it becomes a part of your life. You only get one so go live it.

After decades of running, cardio, and weak attempts at lifting weights, I followed a long dream of mine and began kung fu training.

(Yes Bruce Lee kind of stuff.)

This is physically one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Tell you what though, I feel stronger now at age 48 than I did ten years ago. My chronic aches are gone and my spirit is through the roof. I’ve never been happier.

Challenge yourself in physical activity. If you are not currently invested in some sort of activity, ask yourself “What’s holding you back?”

Usually, self defeating reasons bubble to the surface: No time, no money, I’m in pain or injured, or I don’t like to exercise.

You know what though? If you don’t keep an active lifestyle, your body will breakdown faster and you will have chronic pain and other problematic health symptoms to look forward to instead.

One Secret Final Note:

Acupuncture and herbs work phenomenally well to help stimulate your body, to heal, and get it back on track.

Remember: Sometimes you need an extra hand to help push and get your car out of the ditch and back on to the road.

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