How Healthy is Your Digestion?

I see too many people using over-the-counter products to help aid their digestion:

“Nausea, Heart burn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!” 
Maybe you know this jingle?

These digestive products should be thought of though as a temporary fix and not a solution. These products should not be relied upon indefinitely to balance your digestion.

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Healthy digestion can be a funny thing. It is a unique and lifelong journey for everyone.

Many things can disrupt our individual digestive system including eating certain diet/foods, stress and emotions, overeating or irregular eating habits, dehydration, lack of exercise, medications, etc.

Do not overreact!

There is hope! The following tips are easy to improve your digestion… with a little diligence. You can move to a life with a healthier digestion, which will lead to a healthier body, stronger immune system, more energy, endurance, better sleep, clear thinking, and a happier life state.

The number one thing to do is hydrate!

Make a sound goal to drink water throughout the day. It need not be tons of water but try to drink a glass every 1-2 hours.

Track the foods you eat!

Some people can’t eat and digest certain foods well, end of story. Believe me, I know all of the foods that taste good, but our individual digestion may not be able eat certain foods.

Learn more about the benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated.

This is really important!

Start by paying closer attention or keeping a diary of the foods you eat on a daily basis and then track your digestive symptoms and your energy levels.

After a while you’ll see and understand which foods make you feel better or make you feel worse.

Some of the the cardinal food instigators causing dietary irregularities: Dairy (milk and cheese) refined wheat products, sugars in foods, greasy & fried food, and processed foods.

Most digestive issues can be resolved with this simple plan if you stick with it.

Here is a link to Paleo Grubs, a fantastic website about better eating with lots of recipes!

Some final tips:

Eat a balanced diet. Our body is designed to thrive on plenty of vegetables and some meat, fruit and whole grains.

Monitor your emotions and don’t eat while stressed, which can disrupt the digestive process.

Watch your caffeine intake and drink more water. On the contrary, our body doesn’t need a lot of stimulants!

Don’t skip meals. The digestion likes routine and consistency to perform well.

20-30 minutes of walking twice per day will greatly improve the circulation to your digestion and help bring the necessary nutrients to the rest of your body.

Avoid poor eating habits like overeating or late night eating. These habits stagnate and lead to an irregular digestion.

Avoid overmedicating with antacids, stool softeners, pain medications, etc. They may work temporarily, but your digestion begins to lean on them like a crutch and further worsening. the problem.

One final note:

Acupuncture and herbs work phenomenally to help stimulate your digestion, to heal, and get back on track.

Remember: Sometimes you need an extra hand to help push and get your car out of the ditch and back on to the road.
Please contact me or come in for a consult to discuss your digestion and how we can help!