Cold and flu season is around the corner, or is it already here? Kids are now back in school and the weather is getting cooler outside. Germs are getting ready to pounce! Now is the perfect time to prepare and strengthen your body so it can fend off those nasty viruses!

How can we build a healthy and strong immune system?

Many believe the flu shot will protect them and rely on over-the-counter drugs and supplements to get them through the cold and flu season, but in reality, maintaining a healthy immune system is quite easy and more beneficial for your overall health in the long run.

To build a healthy immune system and a body strong enough to fend off those nasty cold and flu viruses, start with looking to balance the five pillars of Chinese medicine.

1. Maintain a healthy diet and functional digestion.

Eating well-balanced, nutritious meals and staying hydrated. A strong immune system needs this as its foundation. When our digestion works efficiently, it reaps the beneficial nutrients from the food, and transforms it into healthy qi to protect the body. Remember, quality vitamins and supplements are beneficial to help fill in the nutritional gaps. Acupuncture helps stimulate a weakened digestion to perform and work at its optimal state.

2. Keep Active. Move and exercise.

Keeping active means walking, enjoying outdoor hobbies (such as biking, skiing, tennis), and doing fun things that make you happy! Keeping active promotes continuous blood circulation and that keeps the immune system on high alert. Fatigue is a symptom of qi deficiency and acupuncture, herbs, qi gong exercise, etc. can change sluggishness into energy!

3. Balance your amount of work and leisure.

Work, success, achievement, and doing a good job are commendable, but we need to avoid burnout. Overworking without proper breaks during the day or taking yearly vacations depletes our essence and will lead to weakened immune strength. Take proper breaks during the day and stop working long hours day after day. If you need to unwind, schedule an acupuncture treatment.

4. Get good sleep.

Adequate sleep is necessary to rebuild the body’s yin and blood. Late night computer time is a sure way to burn them out. Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep can be easily remedied with acupuncture or herbs, even difficult cases of insomnia.

5. Manage your stress.

Balancing the emotions is good for a happy life. Long-standing emotional problems such as worry, irritability, fear, sadness, and depression plunders the body’s essence and disrupts the natural flow. Routine acupuncture or even learning qi gong will easily help to regulate those imbalanced emotions.

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