Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a relatively common ovulatory disorder we see in the clinic. Although sometimes multifaceted and complex, it is oftentimes easily treatable with the acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas.

PCOS is a diagnosis made in the clinic based on manifestations. A woman with at least two of the following symptoms meets the diagnosis: 1.) Ultrasound showing polycystic ovary morphology; 2.) Infrequent, irregular or no ovulation, cycles longer than 35 days, or fewer than 9 periods per year; 3.) Hirsutism or unwanted hair growth, acne, male pattern hair loss, or high androgen levels from blood tests.

In the clinic, it is very important to look at many aspects of PCOS to gain a better understanding of the individual and to tailor proper treatment, including: Genetics, epigenetics, uterine and early life factors, androgens and folliculogenesis, insulin resistance, stress, age, and metabolism.

Your Western medicine practitioner will treat PCOS from these few common angles, including: Weight loss, oral contraception, metformin, clomid, gonadotrophins, statins, or surgery. Different approaches will be taken based on the individual and what the health goals are, for instance: regulating the period, fertility based, or if there are more serious health risks.

In Chinese medicine, our treatments are focused on a holistic approach. From a full intake and based on past and present symptoms, we treat PCOS from a variety of angles to help regulate the menstrual cycle and promote healthy ovulation. The main goal is to eliminate the cause of cyst formation, promote healthy egg growth and ovulation, promote healthy blood flow for a regulated period, while at the same time, reducing stress, and strengthening the metabolism.

Whether you are in the category of PCOS with weight gain, or the category of PCOS without weight gain, if you have irregular periods, or have never experienced a period, we can help.

Treating PCOS does take time. If your goal is to simply regulate your period, or if your goal is healthy egg production, ovulation and to become pregnant, remember, please be patient and give it a serious shot. We have helped many women with PCOS.

Dr. Brian Grosam