Fertility Treatments at Sun Acupuncture 

We’ve helped dozens of couples with their fertility needs over the past 6 years here at Sun Acupuncture. Whether it’s starting a family or adding to the family, acupuncture is a great choice to get you there!

We can treat many common issues causing infertility such as: Irregular periods, miscarriages, male factor issues, pcos, low ovarian reserve, amenorrhea, etc.

Many of these common issues can be remedied quite easily with acupuncture and Chinese medicine to allow for natural pregnancy. Enjoy this amazing tutorial video on how fertility acupuncture works!

We also work in conjunction with ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) specialists . If your fertility goals involve ART, we can work alongside your reproductive endocrinologist to help increase your fertility percentage chances. Here is a link to many of the local ART clinics.

We treat both female and male fertility issues, after all, it takes two to make a baby! And as much as 40% of all fertility issues are problems due to the male side of it.  Treating both parties can bring the couple closer together and make for an enjoyable journey to pregnancy.

Dr. Brian Grosam is extensively trained in gynecology and is a fellow of ABORM (American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine), a group comprising of the top acupuncture and Chinese medicine specialists from around the globe working in the field of fertility.

We will work with you during every step of your fertility journey, including providing you and your partner helpful steps in areas of understanding your hormone levels & blood panels, diet & nutrition, prenatal vitamins, stress reduction, lifestyle & habit modifications, and work & rest management.

If you know close friends, family members, or work colleagues that are trying to have a baby, please pass on our contact information and have them set up a free fertility consultation with Dr. Grosam. It just may be what they need and are looking for!

Dr. Brian Grosam

PhD, Licensed Acupuncturist, TCMD, FABORM

Sun Acupuncture