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Dr Josh Eha


For over 20 years, Dr Josh has dedicated himself to healing with acupuncture and Chinese medicinals. He has developed three main branches of care for three different aspects of the root of disease:

  1. Acupuncture for inter-communication through the nervous system and emotional health.
  2. Chinese Medicinals for organ and circulatory health.
  3. Emotional Release for the mind, emotional health, and deeper connection to God and all that is.

Dr Josh Eha, DAOM, L.Ac, C.SMA brings a sophisticated, holistic approach to the art of medicine in Minnesota. In just a few visits, you will see the difference his experience and care can bring. Even for patients who have experienced failed surgeries, unsuccessful physical therapy, and years of medication and other inadequate therapies, Josh has helped them find healing and relief, to find themselves again.

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Rebeka Olson


Rebeka started her career as a Therapeutic Medical Massage Therapist after graduating from Aveda Institute Minneapolis in November 2017. After developing and growing her skill sets in both spa and clinic environments, Rebeka found the benefits in combining multiple massage modalities in every session to provide the best possible results for each individual. Rebeka manipulates the body’s soft tissue by seamlessly transitioning between medical, deep tissue, trigger point, Swedish, myofascial release and sports massage techniques to help reduce stress, relieve muscle pain and tension, increase circulation and improve overall health. Rebeka has a strong passion for holistic health and how massage is an integral part of healing naturally.

Christine Paul, RYT, LPC


Christine is yoga instructor with over 10 years’ experience in sharing the practice with a wide variety of students. She teaches hatha, adaptive and Soma yoga with a focus on sensation and direction in a posture rather than the outer manifestation. She incorporates asana (postures), breathing and meditation. Her classes are mindful, sensation based and prop heavy to support the body. Christine has a specialization in adaptive yoga for people with physical, neurological and mental health conditions. She’s trained with Matthew Sanford, an internationally recognized adaptive yoga instructor since 2006 and is on the teaching faculty at Mind Body Solutions. She received her 200 hour certification in Soma Yoga in March 2017. She holds the Opening Yoga Instructor certificate, a specialization in teaching to anyone, including people living with neurological deficit, PTSD, mental health conditions and the elderly as well as certificates in integrative health and mind body medicine.

“Yoga allows me to open, to feel, to believe and trust in my own experiences. It teaches me to be flexible, to focus, to find strength and playfulness. A back injury and long-standing chronic pain drew me to a yoga practice. Here I found calm, connection to my body and no pain; a space I didn’t know existed. It was transformative and I was hooked. A journey of reconnection follows my current teaching style and philosophy – to connect with your body no matter what body or emotional state you live with including paralysis, brain injury or anxiety. My intention as a teacher is to allow you to slow down and connect inwardly with a sense of playfulness leading you to open to your true, authentic self.“

Life is a journey. Live your path in finding YOU!

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