Anxiety and Depression

The Heart of Anxiety and Depression

A Holistic Approach to Anxiety and Depression

Nathan Daley M.D.

“Dr Josh’s clinical approach is contemplative, considerate and gentle. It is clear that he does more than listen to a patient, he seeks to fully understand.”


“Dr Josh treats the emotional, spiritual, and physical issues within our entire body system… His approachable manner has made me feel comfortable.”


“I have a 12 year old daughter who was struggling with pretty severe anxiety at bedtime… Within days of the Emotional Energy Clearing visit she was sleeping better. He has a calming presence and worked really well with my daughter.”

Acupuncturists, Anxiety and Depression

For the last 20 years of practice, I have been especially interested in relieving anxiety and depression in patients like you.  Besides being very common primary complaints, these issues also aggravate several other chronic symptoms. I soon realized that, if I want to be an effective healer, I have to address the anxiety and depression in each of you successfully.

This inspired a mindful, medical journey obtaining a doctorate in acupuncture and Chinese medicine and clinical expertise treating patients like you. I’ve read hundreds of books, attended dozens of retreats and developed a personal practice in the fields of meditation, contemplation, consciousness, energy medicine, energy psychology and ultimately an exploration of my relationship with God.  I’ve tested out various approaches in the clinic and found success and failure and adapted and adapted again until I experienced what can only be called a revelation about the nature of anxiety and depression:

The Root of Anxiety and Depression is TRAPPED EMOTIONAL ENERGY

  1. Anxiety and Depression are the body’s answer to stress.
  2. Stress is anything the body sees as a threat.
  3. The threat is discomfort, a negative emotional state
  4. When we feel discomfort, we have 2 options:
    • What we’ve been doing: We tap out, stew, or blame something or someone else. These self-preservation programs will strengthen themselves vigorously until they seem self-evident, limiting future options and developing negative patterns in relationships, finances and relationship to self. Energetically, our judgement against our emotions trap them and maintain them until we apply FORGIVENESS.
    • To relieve the suffering, we can choose to FORGIVE. We ultimately apply proven forgiveness techniques to end our suffering, not for any other reason. We do it because it works immediately. Our stress is reduced. There is less tension. Life is more easy going. We let things happen instead of trying to control everything. We discover that everything we have been desperately seeking we already have within.

Topographical Map of Emotion from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2013)

Treating the “Root” of Anxiety/Depression            

Having treated thousands of cases of anxiety and depression with Chinese medicine over the last 20 years, I have developed an effective, 3-part solution to shift out of that animalistic survival mechanism and into your natural state of love, joy and peace, aka wellbeing:

  1. Acupuncture – Naturally promotes a calming and relaxing effect for the body. Releases endorphins to benefit “chemical imbalance”, assists the body in integration and restores self-regulation.
  2. Chinese herbs – Invigorate blood flow for optimal nutrition of cells in every tissue and structure of the body. Reduce toxicity and inflammation to restore adrenal function and decrease stress and cortisol levels.  Rebalance the Chinese medical pulse which extends relief past the treatment cycle.
  3. Emotional Energy Release – Helps patients find resolution for traumas and offenses, including thoughts surrounding separation, guilt and shame. From a spiritual perspective, it is these judgements that are the “root of the root” of depression. Techniques are taught to counter negative thought patterns in the moment. Energy work speeds up the forgiveness process by dumping several “injustices” each treatment.

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