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Sun Acupuncture is uniquely endorsed by both physicians and patients alike. Read below to get an inside look at the many ways acupuncture and energy medicine may be able to help you.


Mimi Guarneri M.D.


“Josh has made a huge difference in my medical practice. He has helped restore many of my patients to health. Specifically, he has alleviated pain and suffering on many occasions. I am so grateful and honored to have him as a colleague.”

Robert Bonakdar M.D.

author of The H.E.R.B.A.L. Guide

“Josh is an excellent representative of an integrative practitioner, able to provide excellent and timely acupuncture and TCM treatments, as well connecting those treatments with the patient’s overall health picture (to optimize wellness.)”

Raneth Heng M.D.

“I highly recommend acupuncture treatments from Josh Eha because he honors and holds true to the holistic principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

He is able to quickly and successfully treat a wide range of conditions including acute and chronic pain; emotional disturbances including stress, anxiety, and insomnia; cardiac conditions including arrhythmias; respiratory conditions including asthma; hormonal imbalances including menopausal symptoms; and immunological deficiencies, helping to boost immunity.

I confidently refer my patients to him, and they invariably give him high praise.”

Nathan Daley M.D.

“Josh’s clinical approach is contemplative, considerate and gentle. It is clear that he does more than listen to a patient, he seeks to fully understand. His work blends the technical and the profound, science and art.”

Kevin Messey


“At UCSD, Josh Eha provided exceptional acupuncture for our student-athletes. As part of our sports medicine team, we found that the effectiveness of his treatments allowed our student-athletes to return to full activity much quicker with less reoccurrence of injury. His expertise in sports injuries spans all injuries from acute ankle sprains to chronic low back pain. Josh Eha was an important part of our sports medicine team.”

David Leopold M.D.

“Josh Eha has my highest recommendation. He consistently helps my patients decrease pain and improve functioning. His knowledge and skills are at the highest level. I trust Josh with my own friends and family.”




“Since I’ve started treatments with Josh Eha, I have taken fewer prescription drugs and have gotten back to regular exercise routines. He is an individual who truly cares about his patients and strives for excellence as a medical professional. Thanks so much Josh for all that you’ve done for me!”



“I was in pain, unhappy and at the end of my rope. My life turned around when I met Josh. My skepticism about acupuncture evaporated when I immediately regained the ability to sleep. And it just got better. I now enjoy a quality of life I didn’t believe possible.”



“No two acupuncturist are alike. In every profession, there are going to be those that are good in their profession, and those not so good and then there are those that are EXCEPTIONAL. I was very fortunate to have had the experience that I did. Josh Eha is exceptional. He is amongst the best in his field and came personally recommended to me by the leading cardiologist in San Diego.”



“Not only is my Rotator Cuff pain all but gone, I was amazed at how quickly you fixed the problem. Before receiving treatment from you, I spend almost as many weeks in physical therapy, without results. I had no opinions of acupuncture prior to meeting you, but I am now a firm believer, and I am recommending it to my friends.”



“I have been experiencing neck pain, limited mobility and muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders for years. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease with broad spondylotic disc protrusion from C3 to C7. Traditional medicine offered shots, muscle relaxers and pain meds which did nothing to improve my quality of life. Because surgery wasn’t an option, my surgeon recommended acupuncture. Through Josh, acupuncture has relieved my pain, rid me of muscle spasms and increased my turn radius. I can now sleep, exercise and get through my day pain free. My quality of life has been improved significantly.

While being treated for my neck, I experienced my first kidney stone. After the first pain and diagnosis, I went to Josh to see if acupuncture could help. I was able to pass the stone with no further pain!!”



“Thanks to Josh Eha’s experience and skillful acupuncture treatment methods, I am finally recovering from my right arm tennis elbow and tendonitis which hadn’t improved after one year of conventional pharmaceutical treatments! My entire experience was relaxing and confidence building because of everyone’s displayed concern and the overall atmosphere which put my nerves at ease at the onset.

One session of acupuncture gave me positive results and subsequent sessions have built upon that so that I now have use of my right hand and arm again. Josh was referred to me by my orthopedic surgeon, because he had proven to help many others with acupuncture before me, and I will refer him to all of my family and friends for comprehensive care who strive for well-being.”



“I have been going to Josh for acupuncture for the past few years and have experienced results beyond relieving the site specific pain. With his holistic approach, Josh treats the emotional, spiritual, and physical issues within our entire body system. In doing so, the problem that brings me to the office improves and I gain personal growth and insight in the process. His approachable manner has made me feel comfortable in letting down any guard that might block the overall goal of the treatment. Josh is awesome at what he does!”



“I have suffered from headaches for many years. They ranged from mild to completely incapacitating, averaging 4-5 headache days per week. I tried medications, physical therapy, massage and relaxation techniques with little improvement. I started acupuncture treatments with Josh Eha about 1 1/2 years ago and improved immediately. When I receive a treatment once every 2-3 weeks I am usually headache free most of the time. He has also worked with me on exercises to improve my condition while decreasing my dependence on his treatments. It has been truly life-changing to no longer endure headache pain most days. I have my life back.”



“I train in the martial arts (kung fu and yang style tai chi). In preparation for a tournament I was injured a few weeks before the event and was unable to use my left shoulder and arm. My first encounter with Josh for acupuncture treatment was one of desperation to at least regain sufficient movement in my shoulder so that I could participate in push hands, the tournament combat form of tai chi. To my great surprise within a few treatments I was not only able to participate but played the best push hands to date (1st place in my age/wt group: >40 YO; 175-195#s). Josh is truly a talented and gifted healer.”


Child’s Anxiety

“I have a 12 year old daughter who was struggling with pretty severe anxiety at bedtime. She would come downstairs 5 – 10 times every night not able to sleep. She was fearful that everyone in the house would fall asleep and she would be the only one still awake. It was a vicious circle! We were doing many alternative approaches, such as magnesium and melatonin before bedtime, essential oils, guided meditation, breathing, etc. We were even doing therapy for her anxiety and nothing was really helping. A friend told me about Josh and the emotional release work he does. I immediately made an appointment and within days of the first visit she was sleeping better. We had one more appointment and cleared up some more issues and she is no longer coming downstairs unable to sleep. We are so grateful for opportunity to work with Josh. He has a calming presence and worked really well with my daughter.”


Morning Sickness and Fatigue

“The day of my appointment I was feeling a bit better. However, it was after the acupuncture and emotional release that I truly felt things shift. I noticed that I my energy just seemed to return – before the treatment I was excessively exhausted all the time and was essentially unable to leave the house. My energy levels have now slowly been returning back to normal. My nausea is very mild now and I’ve only had one other episode of vomiting since the treatment. I have begun to be able to eat more “normal” foods as well and a much more balanced diet.

I have done EFT before and this was my first time using acupuncture. At first I was not sure of how effective it would really be, but I was really impressed with my results and would consider doing acupuncture again for other issues I might have in the future and definitely if I ever had issues with morning sickness again.

Thank you so much for all of your help! My husband was so impressed with the results in fact that he is considering having a session of his own.”


Rib Pain

“I saw Josh Eha for an acute rib injury I thought was a deep bruise. Josh diagnosed the injury as a muscle related, treated it and the symptoms were gone within 48 hours. I had never been to an acupuncturist before and was skeptical, but kept an open mind. I am a believer now!”


Knee Pain

“Josh is very compassionate about listening and understanding your body. I had come to see him as an intro to acupuncture and gain some overall well-being. I soon realized I was there for healing a sore knee I’d struggled with for ten years. I was surprised at his eagerness and compassion when we discussed my knee; this truly is his passion and gift. I was very intrigued by his sports medicine knowledge for orthopedic treatments. I felt immediate results in my knee after my first treatment. I feel more aligned, more mindful and I’m not in pain. I want to tell everyone to try Josh Eha’s practice. You might discover something you didn’t know he could do for you!”

Victoria F

Sports Injuries

“I’ve been involved in sports my whole life from swimming in college, running half marathons and a handful of full marathons, to curling competitively. Curling has taken a toll on my hip and after bouncing around between a few chiropractors, massage therapists and orthopedic surgeons, I decided to try acupuncture. Not being a fan of needles (which is possibly why it was the last choice for me), Josh was excellent at making me feel comfortable. I’ve been to many doctors/therapists in my life for a variety of different sport incurred injuries. Josh definitely is one of the best and as far as this injury is concerned, he is the only person that has been able to help me. I have and will continue to refer everyone I know to him.”


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