“I have been experiencing neck pain, limited mobility and muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders for years. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease with broad spondylotic disc protrusion from C3 to C7. Traditional medicine offered shots, muscle relaxers and pain meds which did nothing to improve my quality of life. Because surgery wasn’t an option, my surgeon recommended acupuncture. Through Josh, acupuncture has relieved my pain, rid me of muscle spasms and increased my turn radius. I can now sleep, exercise and get through my day pain free. My quality of life has been improved significantly.

While being treated for my neck, I experienced my first kidney stone. After the first pain and diagnosis, I went to Josh to see if acupuncture could help. I was able to pass the stone with no further pain!!”

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Dr Josh Eha, DAOM, L.Ac, C.SMA | Licensed Acupuncturist