Allergies and Intolerances

As an acupuncturist, I see the body as a functional, energetic unit.  Energy is motion and movement is created by a relationship, ideally harmonious, a give-and-take.  Any time we put something into our bodies we are, in a sense, inviting a more intimate relationship with it.  Therefore, if, even buried in our subconscious, there is some RESISTANCE to a food or drug or air particulate, then we can react to it as if it were a harmful substance. 

Our incredible ability to see previous experience in everything we come across allows us to focus more specifically on what is important to us at the time.  We know that when we go to sit in a chair that it will support us, for instance.  We even can expect how it will support us and exactly how we need to sit to do it safely.  But, let us say that we bought that chair because our ex-wife wanted it, even though we abhor it!  Now, what does it feel like to consider that chair- like resentment, right? 

Now lets say that we use that chair for work- the work we loathe to take home at night…layers of resentment.

We do not recognize the complexity of our relationships because we are focused at the job at hand.  Nonetheless, we can be certain that these negative associations are subconsciously stripping us of our energy and dropping us out of balance. Just like Pavlov and his dog, our defense mechanisms, which have been placed there to protect us, salivate at thought of that thing and everything it represents.

When we put something into our bodies, the relationship is much more intimate. Negative associations with food, chemicals, drugs, and air particulates can and do cause dis-ease and biological disease. This affects our sinuses, skin, digestion, inflammatory regulators, auto-immune diseases and can even be life threatening. 

Fortunately, we have learned through Emotional Energy Release that associations and judgements, even those of which we remain totally unconscious, can be fully cleared. 

I have cleared several allergies and intolerances to food and medications and environment (airborne, EMF) in the same way I clear blockages to loving relationships- by clearing the associations limiting our capacity to self-regulate. 

It requires a lot of courage to live in this world and remain open.  I facilitate openness by listening to how the body cries out, always craving love and connection.  I nudge the body in into integration and self-regulation by giving it (and you) the opportunity to leave any baggage that counters our inter-connectability behind. Clearing allergies and intolerances is a specific example of how we can be free.  What’s nothing short of miraculous is that the world opens up when we forgive it, not just in terms of the specific form of the imbalance, but every other way we negatively associate with it.  How does that chair feel now?