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After completing your short intake forms (this is a medical practice),you will be brought from the waiting area into one of our beautiful treatment rooms for care.

Dr Josh will meet you and go over your concerns, asking specific details to help him assess your issues in terms of severity, importance, how you experience and relate to them as well as beginning the process of diagnosis from both an Eastern and Western viewpoint.  Not all acupuncturists do this but it is critical for prognosis and your safety.

With this information a Report of Findings is completed which includes, depending on your needs, pulse diagnosis to assess organ health, physical exam for neuromuscular injuries and a treatment plan that is conservative, straightforward, and comprehensive.

At this point, Dr Josh will utilize one, two or three branches of his services to expertly and effectively fulfill the goals outlined in the treatment plan:

The entire visit will last one hour. Dr Josh prefers open dialogue. If you have questions or concerns do not be afraid to voice them and have it all out in the open, even if you do not see how it relates.  That way, your care will move along more quickly and holistically!

We appreciate you taking this next, very important step on your healing and human adventure.  We’ll see you soon!

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Dr Josh will be happy to answer your questions personally or help set up your initial visit; or simply call 952-935-0600 to schedule an appointment.

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