Emotional Energy Release

Free Emotional Energy Release Class

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Dr Josh Eha, DAOM, Lac

In this “workshop” class we explore the Sedona Method, a very simple technique to surrender emotional energy, or “charge”.  This can be directed to any emotional response to neutralize the impact on the body and mind for peace and wellbeing.  It only takes a couple minutes to complete and therefore can be used at any time in any circumstance.  

In this class, the technique is explained then practiced several times to give you confidence and experience using the technique.  After each practice round, we share what we learned with each other and ask questions.  To be clear, even though this is a group setting, one is not asked to share their story.  In fact, your story is secondary!  It’s the neutralization of the emotional energy using the release technique that is the critical aspect.  

Emotional Energy Release

What is Emotional Energy Clearing? 

Unprocessed emotions can become trapped in our body and build up throughout our lives. Trapped emotions lie at the core of stress, anxiety and depression. Stronger trapped emotions corrupt the subtle nature of our cells and cause physical disease. For want of expression, they can begin to sabotage our relationships, work, self-image and physical health.  

Emotional Energy Clearing is a unique, simple, powerful, easy-to-learn technique that shows you how to uncover your natural ability to let go of any painful or unwanted feeling in the moment. 

You are your own doctor- you can use it anytime and anyplace to heal any area of your life. It is simple- takes only a few minutes- and there is an immediate sense of relief and space that result from each session.  

Over time, there are even greater benefits. 


  • More at ease, relaxed
  • Better sleep
  • Better functionality
  • Improved priorities
  • Better relationships
  • Better health, particularly for stress-related and psycho-emotional issues
  • Improved religious/spiritual practice
  • Deeper connection to all-that-is!



There is a reason why entering into forgiveness and surrender is the “path to God.”  It is the only way to transcend the limited programming of our defenses that tell us the world is threatening and we are vulnerable and defective.  

Emotions are the core of human experience. They tie us up into knots and perpetuate our negativity. They also lie to us.  They tell us what we seek is out “there” somewhere.  

All the love, joy and peace we are seeking is available within ourselves. They just need to be released from the stranglehold of our emotion-based, self-limiting programming! 

As you continue to use Emotional Energy Clearing, you will become more adept at using it, and the results will greatly accelerate over time. You will quickly reach a point where releasing becomes completely second nature. As natural, in fact, as breathing is to you now. The more you are willing to let go the more these truths become self-evident and a state of blissful peace extends throughout your day.  

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