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Justin Workman


Justin Workman, L.Ac has been in practicing acupuncture for over 12 years and has treated many different conditions from acute injuries to chronic pain, internal diseases, insomnia and depression.

Versed in a variety of acupuncture styles, Justin will choose the most appropriate approach for your individual needs. You can trust that you’ll receive personalized care that’s tailored specifically to you.


In addition to his acupuncture expertise, Justin has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from UMD and has a keen interest in sports medicine. This additional lens enhances his approach to pain and dysfunction.

Justin got his inspiration to study Chinese Medicine after learning martial arts as a child and being introduced to the Eastern philosophy of healing the body. In the traditional martial arts world healing is the highest level that one can obtain. He recognizes that if you learn how to hurt or injure people you should be able to heal them as well. He has studied Korean martial arts for over 25 years and is now studying and instructing Muay Thai and other arts.
If you’re interested in holistic care from an acupuncturist with his unique experience, Justin is here to help. He’ll take the time to listen to your concerns and work with you to create an effective treatment plan that works for you.

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