The Heart Wall


In Chinese Medicine, the Heart is the “emperor”.  Throughout the dynasties of Chinese history, the emperor was the single greatest influence on the prosperity and peace of his people.  It was the will of the emperor, and his alignment with heaven, that filtered the grace of heaven to his citizens.  The emperor was more than just the political and military leader; the emperor embodied the absolute destiny of the empire. 

The Heart is housed within the ribcage, protected in all directions.  The Pericardium, a sac which surrounds the Heart, is also known as the Heart Protector.  So, first line of defense is the skin, then network vessels, meridians, ribs, and finally, at the very depth of the six levels in the Classic of Cold Damage, the heart protector.  The body demonstrates the essential value of the Heart.

The Heart does more than just mechanically pump blood.  It rules the shen which is the body’s spirit.  The spirit is most deeply connected to our consciousness, or the way we subjectively experience life.  In this role, it is truly our emperor.  It rules our inner life of feelings, emotions, inspiration, creativity and love, or absence thereof, that influences our life above all else. 

Our intrinsic value as divine beings is what promotes love within us, sometimes despite ourselves.  We are eternal beings, inhabiting this physical body for a time, before we continue on.  This is a snapshot, but an important one.  It is the trials and tribulations of this lifetime that let our love out, that break down our self-imposed limitations, so that we can value the precious commodity of life above all else.  This is the lesson of the emperor upon which the fate of his subject depends.


Every moment is an opportunity to move toward or away from love.  It is based, not on external circumstances, but on our reaction to those circumstances.  A car accident can cause one in a bad mood to feel victimized and enraged, yelling at his enemy and later his coworkers and family.  On a much better day, the same accident brings gratitude that he can still continue living, still have a job to do, still have his family. 

In every situation, we can respond with love or judgment.  I see judgment as the opposite of love.  It separates us from others and God, whereas love connects.  Hate, commonly thought to be the opposite of love, is a special kind of judgment.  But judgment can also cause anger, grief, fear, and worry. It separates us from those we judge against.  “Love thine enemies” is really advice for the emperor in the unification of his realm.


Through Emotional Energy Clearing, I have discovered the importance of the emperor in our grand experience.  Emotions are things.  They have a frequency and get lodged in our energy body.  Each cells function is reliant on a conducive atmosphere allowing expression, openness and support.  Our cells are intelligent. Negative emotions disrupt local frequencies and confuse the overall organization of the body based on the tissues involved.  If they are lodged in the low back, they will cause physical persistent pain that can last a lifetime.  When lodged in the gut, they influence digestion, when lodged in the eye they influence vision, etc.  Every tissue in our body can become a receptacle of our past judgments in the form of trapped emotions. 

The Heart governs our openness and vulnerability to the outside world.  When particular experiences influence our perception of ourselves as separate, when we identify ourselves as a victim, vulnerable to attack, we trap an emotion around our precious heart.  This forms a special group of trapped emotions over time that is termed the heart wall

The heart wall resides in the subconscious, outside our direct experience. Nonetheless it is very real in that it directly influences that part of us that is central to our perception. Filtering the heart through the lenses of past experience limits the extension of our love.  It works against our conscious dreams of influence, world betterment, or simply living in harmony with our family. And, since “God is love,” it limits our connection to the Almighty.  Why would God allow this? For the same reason there is suffering in the world-  because we have the divine right of free will, even if we misuse it to protect ourselves from a perceived threat, or identify with the small, or feel like we have to be right instead of happy.

There is nothing more detrimental to us than the heart wall.  It limits our self-image, our courage and vulnerability, our creativity, our professional and personal life, our family, our connection to the creator, and, at the core, that which connects us to everyone and everything around us.  When we are around someone with a thick heart wall, we are more cautious and walled.  When we are in the presence of those without a heart wall, we feel the openness and vulnerability of love.  We feel relaxed because we recognize their peace within. We know this is true from experience but we never knew why.  We just sense it.


The greatest gift I can offer is the release of the heart wall.  It can change everything.  It catalyzes miracles.  I have cleared heart walls on babies and the elderly, on the skeptical and desperate, on those with physical, mental and spiritual discord.  Though interesting to the intellect, this does not require understanding since it is beyond the level of the mind’s perceptions.  This allows the clearing to be effective on young children and even animals! Clearing a heart wall is profound, inspiring and self-evident.

Clearing a heart wall takes 1-3 half hour sessions normally.  During our first session, we will discuss its thickness and the material your subconscious used to construct it.  Remember, this is a real thing to the subconscious and its structure can be very symbolic. Once determined, we clear each trapped emotion individually linking it to the specific experience that caused it.  The clearing is done energetically with a magnet to reset the governing meridian along the spine.  The result of each judgment released is then verified, as well as the overall impact on the heart wall between sessions. 

When the heart wall is cleared, spirits brighten most obviously. External and internal blockages to growth and expansion are resolved, whether the limitation is physical, mental, spiritual, or seemingly due to external oppressive factors. An open heart frees us to the inspiration of God, so that we can share in his kingdom with those around us.Jesus said “The kindgom of heaven is within.” Clearing the heart wall drops our resistance to Love, so that kingdom is revealed.